Laptop Power Faults

The power supply system of your laptop consists of the external power adapter (also known as the power supply unit or power brick), the battery and the power and charging circuitry in the lapop. Problems in any of these areas can cause the laptop no fail to turn on or to not work when not plugged in.

If the laptop will only work when connected to the mains, this could be due to a battery fault or it could be caused by a problem with the charging circuitry. Battery capacity decreases with time, so after 3-4 years most laptop batteries will be more or less useless. This situation usually means a new battery is needed. However, if the battery stops working suddenly, it is more likely to be a fault with the charging circuitry.

If the laptop will not work at all, there may be a problem with the external power unit. Often, these have a small light that shows that they are getting power. Most laptops also have a light to show that they are receiving external power. If these lights are not lit, you chould check the connections from the mains socket through to the laptop case. If the connection to the laptop case is loose, the connector may be damaged and need replacing.

Working out exactly where in the power supply chain the problem lies can be tricky. Our engineers can diagnose the exact nature of the fault and repair it for you.