PC Rescue provides computer help and support to home users and small businesses in Tameside and the surrounding areas. We aim to provide repairs and solutions quickly and affordably and, where appropriate, to explain how you can avoid the problem happening again.

We will arrange for an engineer to visit you, so you don't have to disconnect your equipment and transport it anywhere. We will also agree a convenient time and where necessary, this can be in the evening or at the weekend. If for any reason we can't get to you within 15 minutes of the agreed time, we will call you to let you know and to reschedule the appointment if required.

We can help with hardware problems, like a broken laptop screen or a computer that won't turn on, and with software problems such as virus infections or difficulty accessing web pages. We can also help with networking and broadband problems, when wireless connections aren't working properly or when you can't get any Internet access at all. We also provide tuition services, so if you have a specific goal such as creating a DVD slideshow of your photographs or learning how to use Skype or Facebook for example, we can help.

Backup systems are another area where we can help. Any files which are important to you (like pictures, business records or contacts) should be kept in at least two places, so if for example the hard drive in your computer fails, you already have another copy. We can also help with data recovery in cases where your files seem to be gone. Often they are still there but they just need finding or perhaps undeleting. In some cases, of course, it will be necessary to restore from your backup.

We can also help set up a backup for the contents of your phone. It it were lost or stolen, do you have a copy of your contacts and other important personal information? You can avoid this nightmare by making sure you have a copy.

The links on the left provide more details of our services. Feel free to contact us with details of your requirements.