Internet Services

Internet users are, of course, familiar with facilities like e-mail and the World Wide Web. However, many users, and especially small business, fail to make the most of the Internet, for example to present themselves professionally and to ensure that customers or aquaintances can find them easily. For example, if your business uses a hotmail, gmail or yahoo email address, or if you don't have at least a basic website, you don't appear to be professional. You can also use sites like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn to manage your professional image or that of your business. PC Rescue offers a range of Internet services and tuition to help.

  • Domain Names
    Register your domain name as part of your professional Internet image.
  • Email Boxes
    If you need multiple mail addresses for your family or business, PC Rescue can help.
  • Website Development

    A web site is the most important form of advertising for your business. From simple, low-cost web sites to slick, graphical commerce-enabled sites, PC Rescue can help.

  • Secure Remote Access
    Securely access a home computer from work or a work computer from home. Link multiple business sites into one network.