Data Backup & Recovery

It is sometimes said that if you don't have multiple copies of your files, you don't have them at all! This is because, however you store your digital pictures, scans, music, personal or business records and other documents, one day the storage device will fail, or become corrupt or unreadable. It is only a matter of time. And it is unfortunately true that computer equipment can be stolen or destroyed by fire.

Many people do not realise that supposedly permanent storage systems can decay and become unreadable within as little as a few years. Writable CDs and memory sticks fall into this category and can't be considered as a long-term storage solution. You therefore need a backup solution that is reliable and easy to use, so that you can use it regularly with no hassle. You should avoid proprietry backup systems that may not be work with the system you want to restore your data to.

You should also test that your backup has worked properly by recovering some data from it. PC Rescue can create a simple, low-cost, one-click backup solution to the process of backing up your data a easy as possible. Contact us for details.

  • Backing Up
    Backups with optional version control can be easy, without the need for expensive extra software.
  • Data Recovery
    Data recovery is simple if you have a good backup. If you don't, we can still help.
  • Phone & Tablet Backups
    Smartphones and tablets need backing up too.