Laptop Not Starting

There are two common types of "not starting" problem with a laptop PC - either there are no signs of life at all (no power light comes on, no sound of spinning fans or disks) or it starts but then either resets itself or "gets stuck" before it has fully started.

If there is no activity at all, you can check the connections yourself. Make sure the power lead is firmly connected to the laptop case (with no "wobble"), the mains lead is secure in the power adapter and the mains plug is securely in the socket. It is also worth checking the fuse in the plug. Most laptops have a light that indicates when it is getting external power. If these checks don't help, the problem is most likely to be on the main circuit board. We can arrange an engineer to test this for you.

If the computer is resetting or failing to fully start, the cause may be a faulty component or hard disk corruption. You can try to start the computer in "safe mode". If this works, you can then check the hard drive for faults, which Windows may be able to correct, allowing you to start the PC normally. If the computer will not start in safe mode or the disk check doesn't fix the problem, our engineers can advise and provide the necessary repairs.